Temple Tumble Megaways Review: RTP 96.25%

Relax Gaming‘s Temple Tumble Megaways review is a visually appealing slot released on February 6, 2019. You can go on an Indiana Jones-style treasure quest in the middle of the woods at an Aztec temple. 

In a tricky free spins feature, the tiered 6×6 reels are arranged as blocks blocking the temple doors, and your goal is to clear all the blocks to enter the temple. You can play in any of three settings, and you can win up to 7,767 times your stake in this high-stakes game. 

Temple Tumble Megaways RTP, variance & Technical Data 

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Before we get into all the interesting stuff you’ll find in this slot, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a quick rundown of the most important technical information about the Temple Tumble slot:

  • 96.25% RTP High Volatility / Variance 6×6. 
  • layout Up to 46,656 paylines are available. 
  • Bonus features include free spins with volatility options, a progressive multiplier, and the ability to use tiered reels. 
  • Wild Bet ranges from 0.2 to 100 coins with a maximum win of 776 770 coins. The RTP of this game is rather normal, therefore nothing spectacular. 

It must be emphasized of Temple Tumble Megaways review, however, that this is a very dangerous game. When you win, you might expect some pretty big prizes, but it might take a while between big winners. Adjust your bet level, bankroll, and think accordingly. 

Brief of Temple Tumble Megaways review 

Here we will briefly review the Temple Tumble Megaways, some of which we will discuss is the presentation of the theme and some of the features. 

Themes and designs 

Get ready for a stunning Indiana Jones-style treasure quest among the ancient ruins of the Aztec Empire as you play the Temple Tumble Megaways review from Relax Gaming. The 6×6 arrangement includes a cascading scroll that blocks the entrance to the ancient temple guarding the treasures. 

Wagering Options

In the free spins feature of Temple Tumble Megaways review, you can even enter temples to collect these mythical artifacts. You can choose from three different free spins modes, each with its own set of features and volatility. 

For each consecutive win, the MagaWays feature increases the number of ways to win up to 46,656 paylines. This is a highly volatile game with a maximum win of 7,767 times your stake if you choose the high-risk and high reward-free spins option. 

Bonus features 

Any winning combination for the Temple Tumble Megaways review will explode and be removed from the reels when the symbols fall from above. New symbols will fall from above, and this will continue until no more winning combinations are found. 

The number of paylines increases by one for each consecutive win, bringing the total to 46,656 ways to win. 

Free Spins 

If you clear all the stone blocks from the temple door, Temple Tumble Megaways review will give you free spins. When the stone blocks come close to the winning symbol combination, they explode. You can now enter the dungeon after clearing the entrance to the ancient temple. You can choose from one of three free spins options, each with its own set of bonuses and features.

Extra Free Spins

The Extra Free Spins feature has a moderate level of volatility in Temple Tumble Megaways review, and blocks of rocks falling onto the reels during play can earn you up to three additional free spins. 

More Spins and Free Multipliers is a high volatility option that gives you extra spins and multipliers. The multiplier is a high volatility option with a multiplier of up to 3x but no additional free spins. 

It’s up to you how you play this, but keep in mind that the options with the highest volatility are also the ones with the highest profit potential. If you clear all the stone blocks during a feature in any of the three modes, you’ll get three additional free spins.

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How To Play Temple Tumble Megawasy

The gameplay is easy for this Temple Tumble Megaways review, as is common with video slots. However, there’s still quite a lot in this game to modify, and tweak so a quick summary is appropriate. This is especially true for novice or unskilled players, but more experienced gamblers can usually skip this section. 

The hamburger menu on the right is indeed the “set everything” menu, and we’ll start with the gear icon, which will take you to the game’s settings. 

We appreciate that you can turn sound effects and music off/on separately, which is a feature that many games don’t have for some reason. You can also turn off the splash screen and intro movie (both are very long and uninteresting). 

The icons below will take you to the rules of the game, which will explain everything in short bullet points. Next, look for the I icon, which will direct you to the list of payments. You can learn about the game’s additional features and get an overview of the symbol’s value by visiting this page. The payout table is dynamic, so you’ll see how much each symbol is worth multiplied by the bet you selected. With a £1 bet, payouts for the Temple Tumble Megaways review are as follows: 

  • Buddha’s head statue – pays 1x for 6 in the combo. 
  • 0.6x for 6 in combo with a red Aztec mask For 6 in a combo, red gemstones pay 0.5x. 
  • Blue gemstone pays 0.4 times for 6 in a row in a combo. 
  • Green gemstone – Pays 0.3x if you get 6 times in a row. 
  • All royal symbols pay 0.2x for 6 in a row. 

When you press the fast spin button several times in succession, a menu will appear, allowing you to activate the quick spin feature. This option is not available in the game settings for some reason. That kind of crucial thing in Temple Tumble Megaways review, honestly.

However, using the coin stack button, you can now choose your bet level between 20p and £100 per spin, as well as use the autoplay feature if you wish. You can choose between 10 and 1,000 auto spins, as well as “unlimited spins”. 

You can set lose and win limits, and you’re ready to rumble with Temple Tumble Megaways

200 Spins Temple Tumble Megawasy Experience

Avalanche/Cascading slot machines in our opinion are divided into two types. In particular, the “weirdly fun” ones (like the YouTube collection videos) and the ones that are really annoying (okay, maybe we’re going a bit too far to explain). 

Fortunately, the Tumble Temple Megaways review, the slot falls under the first group, which may be the reason why it has become so popular. 

Summary Of The Review

Through this Temple Tumble Megawasy review, we’re not sure how aware the coders were about this (or if we’re the only ones thinking this way), but it’s a significant issue. You’ll be staring at the reels for some time, so it should be a fun experience rather than a distraction. 

Anyway, we set the autoplay feature to 250 spins (since 200 isn’t an option) and love the smooth and fun rock table action that follows. 

We don’t mind the quick spin option because the speed of the game is really fun. Instead, we sit back and watch wins from 1 to 6 come in on a semi-regular basis. We trigger the bonus round after only about 40 spins. 

We opted for the middle ground option (which is still high volatility), which includes an extra free spin and a +1 multiplier symbol. 

This proved Temple Tumble Megaways review to be a wise decision, as we received a further three rounds overall. In the end, we won a total of 98.5 times our investment thanks to the 5x multiplier. Until we re-triggered the free spins feature, our last 100 spins were pretty mediocre. 

Final Conclusion 

This time, we chose the option of Temple Tumble Megaways review with the highest volatility, where the multiplier might increase much more quickly (up to +3 multiplier symbols). We didn’t have much luck with it, but we won a total of 36 times our bet with a single 3x multiplier.

Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun playing the game and we wish you success in your first round after reading this Temple Tumble Megaways review.

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