Troll Hunters Slot Machine All Reviews 

This time again, Play’n GO has succeeded in hitting rock bottom by developing the Troll Hunters slot machine. A bit special compared to the others, this online gambling game has 5 reels and 5 rows of symbols, but no active payline. However, it has an incredible design with its graphics that seem to derive from a manga and its neat and colorful features.

The characters are used as a symbol

Troll Hunters Slot

The creatures that you will discover on this slot machine are, first of all, trolls that originate from Scandinavian mythology. On the reels, you will also see characters each with their own values. The leader of the Trollhunters, for example, wears long blonde braids and a sword. 

It allows you to form winning combinations if you use the icons symbolized by the silver earrings, the pints of beer decorated with human skulls or the bone and the piece of meat all around. There is also a Viking with red pigtails and a pointed helmet as well as a magnificent warrior with a remarkable flail.

In addition, Troll Hunters displays a special symbol, the inevitable Wild. This is represented by a golden ruin, and it can substitute for any symbol. It can even appear in the middle of the paying combination to freeze when all rest symbols are removed. Then, if he takes part in the combination made, he in turn disappears and a new Wild will be isolated.

Slot Machine Features

Source from MIB700 sites, The Troll Hunters slot machine has a payout rate of 96.73%, which allows you to get frequent wins. As a reminder, this online game offers special symbols, but also additional multipliers, a bonus round and other interesting functions. You can bet an amount between 0.20 cents and €40.

To obtain winning combinations on Troll Hunters, you must show 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols vertically or horizontally. This Play’n GO game is also based on the cascade, which means that the same symbols have the ability to form several combinations at the same time. 

Then, the winning combination disappears to allow the icons located above to fall on these empty places. Then, when combinations are newly formed, the winning indices will be boosted and you will find these additional multipliers in the left part of the field. By managing to clear the entire field, you will enjoy an additional win of 1,000 bets per spin or 200 coins.

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The built-in bonus game on Troll Hunters

During Free Spins, Troll Hunters offers a bonus game which is accessed by forming the word BONUS vertically on the reels. By managing to validate 5 trolls on your reels, you will be entitled to additional spins per troll. It is even possible to get up to 20 spins one after the other.


First and foremost, you’ll find trolls on this slot machine, which are monsters from Scandinavian mythology. You can also find characters on the reels, each with a unique set of values. For instance, the Trollhunters’ leader had a sword and long blonde braids. 

If you employ the symbols represented by the silver earrings, the beer pints adorned with human skulls, or the bone and chunk of meat scattered about, you can create winning combinations. Along with a superb warrior brandishing an amazing flail, there is also a Viking with red pigtails and a pointed helmet.

With a 96.73% payout percentage, the Troll Hunters slot machine enables you to win frequently. Remember that this online slot machine has special symbols in addition to extra multipliers, a bonus round, and other entertaining features. You can wager anywhere from 0.20 cents to €40.

On Troll Hunters, you must display 3, 4, or 5 identical symbols either vertically or horizontally in order to obtain winning combinations. The same symbols can generate multiple combinations simultaneously in this Play’n GO game because it is likewise based on the cascade. Also play several other slot games such as nostradamus slot and hainan ice to add to your slot experience.